Innovation Award for Educators, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

We generate ideas and create values. We are the leading hub in empowering the career of individuals and improving the performance of businesses. We offer opportunities for all to learn to innovate and be transformed into the new world of doing business.

All participants advance themselves at the eConsortium @ Qcircle and become part of its ecosystem of growth.



Job and Business Creation Opportunities

Innovate ! You can create a job, a profession or business wherever you are located. Opportunities @ Qcircle.

Entrepreneurial Innovation : Education plus Business

The Growth Plan. Collaborative learning and enterprise development. Click to know more. Post to consult with us.


eLITE Internship at BPII Centres

Explore! Learn to Innovate. Empowered education with easily integrated business transformation application. Find practice based development opportunities to suit your needs. Enterprise @ Qcircle.