Innovation Workshop

Innovation Workshops are an open invitation for all to be part of Qcircle and its education plus business development process.



Job Creation Mentorship Program :

An Entrepreneurial Innovation Event.
Blending education with business for new growth.

For all to be part of Qcircle and its unique education plus business development paradigm.

Investment in Innovation is a proposition plan for members to learn, innovate and actualise their own business returns with our prepared environment. It is about innovating education and business to regenerate a real growth in today's dynamic world. Return on investment is achieved with our ready set of integration gate plan and brand development processes.

The Event offers investment propositions for self-actualisation of business returns and life style choice of growth opportunites.





Biz Creation Mentorship Program :

An Entrepreneurial Innovation Event.
Explore and create your own jobs and businesses. 

A Change Challengers Event for job seekers and startup prospectors.

The event aims to generate creative development of job and business opportunities and to instil the essence of innovation to achieve a real growth outcome. The program helps you to explore possibilities and leads you to discover new initiatives for your growth endeavours.

The Event provides you a new challenge, the development pathway and the guide to create your own jobs and businesses.



Mentorship Partnering

An Entrepreneurial Innovation Event
Leading the change for the better.
Pioneering into new frontier of growth

The Change Makers' program for Entrepreneurs and Professionals.  The Event is for the regenerative development and creation of ideas for a new world marketplaces. The focus is on real growth.

The Event provides you a challenge to change as a leader. Visionary project plans are presented for practical actualisation of them.