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Awards and Rewards

Education + Business Development Portal  The platform generates ideas and create values.  Its mission is to provide innovation spaces for  job and business creation opportunities for all participants. You can advance yourselves to the eConsortium @ Qcircle.


International Entrepreneurial Innovation Award
Globalisation for Entrepreneurs and Professionals 

Innovate ! You can create a job, a profession or business wherever you are located.
All programs are accredited as induction applications for participation at the eConsortium | Qcircle.
Complimentary Starters Plus Plan for all enrolled participants to explore their fit at the eConsortium. 

Education + Business Innovation

  • Innovation Workshop

  • Digital Engagement

  • New Jobs and businesses

  • Digitalisation Workshop

  • SGM Applications

  • eConsortium Induction

  • Enterprise Transformation

  • ETP Program

  • Directed Biz Scale Up

Practicum and Internship 



Explore! Learn to Innovate

Directed integrative business application. Find practice based development opportunities to suit your needs. Enterprise @ Qcircle.