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All events/programs are organised and delivered by Members Partners.
New participants will be provided with a one year Starters Plus Plan on enrollment to chart their progression @ Qcircle.

Complimentary upgrade to Affiliate Plan for qualified persons on completion on select programs.
Online registration is a requisite to participate in any event.

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Forum Session : Today’s Strategic Global Solutions. Action Forward

Strategic Development of  Enterprises

An introductory event to eCourses
Strategic Global Induction Solutions

For who ? : All who are keen to know more about new opportunities in the era of the digital age.

Program : Tour the world of digital opportunities

Process : On enrolment, all participants will be given a complimentary one year EIM Starters Plan to explore the eConsortium to advance themselves.

Outcome : Affiliate @ Qcircle Award for all qualified participants on completion of forum session.

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Qcircle Awards

Innovators Awards

Innovators Awards

Innovate and Create. Job and business opportunities. DIgital Induction Programs with Consortium Plan Awards

Qcircle Awards

Qcircle Awards

International Entrepreneurial Innovation for Start-up to Scale-up existing businesses. DIgital Induction Programs with Consortium Plan Awards

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Innovation Workshop

Entrepreneurial Innovation | Affiliate Start-up | About new Job and Business Development Series

Enterprise Workshop

Enterprise Developmrnt | Tranformation for new job and business | Start-up to Scale-up

Digitalisation Workshop

eCommerce Globalisation | About Creation of Digital Values in Global Marketplaces

E-Partners Workshop

eConsortium Partners Conference cum Workshop in development of qualifying programs