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All participants are inducted to the eConsortium @ Qcircle with an appropriate Award Plan to advance their core competencies and interest.

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All programs are organised and delivered by eConsortium Partners. ePartners can submit their programs and solution application for accreditation and offer here.
New participants will be provided with a one year complimentary Starters Plus Plan to chart their progression @ Qcircle. Select the program that suits your development need.

Solution Developers Providers | ePartners

  Solution Developers Providers | Submit Proposal to offer. Click here

Solution Learners Users

Solution Learners Users | Select Program to enrol.  Scroll down

Digital Entrepreneurship

International Entrepreneurial Innovation Awards

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Digital Ventures

Our Unique Value Proposition

The eConsortium  @ Qcircle

All programs are accredited for participation through a choice of Consortium Plan worldwide. Members are empowered to promote Qcircle and its applications as their value added services. The scope of services will be allocated on subscription of a Consortium Plan.

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