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Globalisation Plan for entrepreneurs and professionals.

SGM Digital is a set of  IT driven strategic management and business application tools for members to re-position themselves to meet new challenges in the digital world. It offers a set of Solution and Gateway plans to lead members into new marketplaces and opportunities.

It is also a strategic development process for suitably qualified members to align their competencies and enterprise to the eConsortium @ Qcircle. Here, members can leverage on Qcircle’s internationally recognised knowledge domains and service channels to advance their own specialisation globally in one eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together.

The SGM Applications are accredited for Strategic Global (SG) Ready Award and participation at Qcircle.



Digitalisation @ Qcircle

Q : What is Digitalisation @ Qcircle? A : It is about strategic development and repositioning of firms for growth with today's new media

About the Workshop

The future : The world of eBusinesses and eServices
For who ? :
All who are keen to know more about new opportunities in the era of the digital age.
Program : Full day program with interest group interaction.
Theme : Insight on digitalisation growth. Qcircle eConsortium and its Ecosystem will be introduced.


Outcome : Immediate Job induction to the eConsortium as Affiliate @ Qcircle for all qualified participants.

Post workshop internship or mentorship for those who have subscribed to the SGM or eLITE Online. Enrolment : On enrolment, all participants will be given a complimentary one year EIM Starters Plan to explore the eConsortium to advance themselves. Submit your interest with us now.



Post Enterprise Workshop Program

Choice program.

    • Subscribe digital value creation program to suit your interest.
    • Select an internationally recognised specialty domain brand for affiliation.
    • Build your financial reward with a choice Consortium Plan.

The Mentor-Mentee Partners Program is a cooperative learning initiative. The service is provided by Qcircle Certifed Professionals / Mentors to assist fellow members to upgrade themselves and be part of Qcircle for career advancement or business enhancement.

Opportunities and Privileges :

The program offers members the opportunity to be certified for service on subscription to a higher Associate or Registry Plan. The Plan allocates Privileges and Reward.

Select a program to advance in the Consortium.




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    Infocomm SG Plan
    Infocomm Solution Gateway Plan

    Infocomm SG Plan a basic SGM Application Module to position participants’ products and services with an online presence. It provides enterpreneurs and start-ups the opportunity to advance themselves with the many Qcircle built infocomm gateways.

    The plan also aligns professional and business service providers / owners to the eConsortium for cross disciplinary collaboration and job referral support among networked members. This SGM Application is accredited for SG Ready Award (1) and participation as an Affiliate @ Qcircle  .… know more


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    Professional SG Plan
    Professionals Strategic Global Plan

    Professionals SG is a SGM Application Module to prepare qualified members to global marketplaces.  Digitally affiliated to a good domain brand to enhance the delivery of their specialisation and offer of Qcircle’s applications, products and services. 

    The Plan also certified members to be recognised as a competent business and professional service provider in delivery of their specialty services at the Consortium. This SGM Application is accredited for SG Ready Award (2) and participation as an Associate @ Qcircle. Know more


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    e-Biz SG Plan
    E-biz Solution Global Plan

    E-biz SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to aid members to stay relevant and be connected in the globalised economy. It is a practical module that digitally position members to an ecommerce enabled consortium for doing business worldwide. 

    The Plan inducts members to the Registry for a collective recognition as Business / Education, Ecommerce, Community / Global  Hosts for delivery of Qcircle’s value added services wherever they are located. This SGM Application is accredited for SG Ready Award (3) and participation at Corporate @  Qcircle. Know more


Strategic Global Plan - Digital Value Chain Creation

SG Plan is a SGM Application Module to induct participants as Members Partners with an unique co-brand identification of a Qcircle's knowledge domain. With an allocated specialty sub domain, Members Partners create new valve chain for their specialisation or business services at the eConsoritum.

The Plan includes value eCommerce participation at the eBusiness Gallery and eConsult Advisory Panel to globalise their service delivery. This SGM Application is accredited for SG Ready Award (Open) and participation as a Global Partner @  Qcircle.