Innovation Workshop

Innovation Workshop
Job and Business Creation.

Entreprenerial Innovators. Join the New World eConsortium.  Be part of Qcircle and its ecosystem of growth.



About the Workshop

The future : Work anytime and anywhere. Full-time or part-time | Flexible or parallel career and business for all | Learn to innnovate a job or business for yourself here.

For who ? : All who are keen to know more about new opportunities in the era of the digital age.
Program : Full day program with interest group interaction.
Theme : New insight on digitalisation opportunities. Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem for a shared value growth will be introduced.
Outcome : Immediate Job induction to the eConsortium as Affiliate @ Qcircle for all qualified participants on completion of workshop.

Post Workshop Program.
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Innovation Plan:

Be distinguished for service. You can create a job, a profession with specialisation or a business at Qcircle or with one of its specialty knowledge hubs wherever your are located.

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