Internship and Practicum

Real or Virtual Project based Applied Development

Internship and Practicum

Forum Session : Digital Value Creation in today’s new economy


ePartnership in Learning and Development

An introductory event
ePartnership in Education + Business Development

For who ? : All who are keen to explore new opportunities in the era of the digital age.

Program : Self directing Learning : Innovate and Create _ The way forward.

Enrollment : On enrollment, all participants will be given a complimentary one year EIM Starters Plan to explore the eConsortium to advance themselves. Submit your interest with us now.

Outcome : Formulation of Self Development Plan.  Affiliate @ Qcircle for all qualified participants on completion of workshop session.

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Practicum and Internship Program
Virtual or Location based

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Start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to be interned under a structured “Learn and Earn” Scheme can subscribe an eLITE Internship Package. You will be allocated the use of  co-working spaces to advance your development. Here, you can be guided by fellow members on how to value add your core competency or teamed up for completion of inter-disciplinary project.

All members professionals, education and business service providers who are desirous to be part of the Qcircle’s in-house consulting team. Start-up and entrepreneurs who want networked practical support or team up with fellow members for completion of inter-disciplinary project. Established qualified service providers in any discipline who are desirous to be in our in-house executive team or as an advisor / consultant / mentor @ BPII Centre may also apply with a business proposal plan.  

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